The RELATE children’s workshops provide curriculum to enhance children’s understanding of diverse issues involving themselves, their relationships, and their surroundings. We have developed six independent workshops, each taking approximately 90 minutes, which focus on relationship enhancement through lessons relating to diversity, becoming a good helper, dealing with bullies, understanding feelings, and learning about safety. Within each of these workshops, we have included several activities designed to reinforce the overall focus and to help children remain active and engaged while learning. It is not necessary to do the entire RELATE series of workshops, each workshop is designed to stand alone. It is also not necessary to do every activity provided. RELATE was developed primary for children from early preschool to early elementary age. However, activities can be adapted to allow for time constraints, developmental stages and age differences.

This website is designed for anyone who works with children who would like to teach them important relationship skills. The information and materials provided here will allow individuals to successfully facilitate each of the children’s workshops. This website has been designed to allow facilitators to teach themselves the curriculum and to be able to teach the curriculum to children. The workshop materials and instructions have been made available at no cost through this website. However, training for the RELATE children’s workshops is also available. Please contact Dr. Toni Zimmerman by e-mailing or calling 970-491-6922 for training information.

The REALTE children’s workshop curriculum was created by Dr. Toni Schindler Zimmerman, Jennifer Rochel Jones, Elizabeth Anne McPherson, and Leah Davidson Kryloff.